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The Land Reform Deception – Violence Graphs

The following graphs depict fluctuations in political violence during the seizure of commercial farms in Zimbabwe between February 2000 and March 2008. Charles compiled the violence graphs by coding 90 reports produced by the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (‘Forum’), an NGO that tracked incidents of violence nationwide throughout the land seizure era. Charles derived 21,491 individual acts of violence from this source, and depicted each on a map for the corresponding month of the study to yield 92 violence maps (data was unavailable for January and July to December 2000). This data set allowed for a longitudinal assessment of spatial dimensions in the geographical distribution of violence nationwide.

These graphs demonstrate very extensive political violence perpetrated by the Zimbabwe state agents against political opposition, farm workers, and commercial farmers. The graphs show that violence was particularly extensive during election periods, such as the heavily contested March 2002 presidential election.

Source of Graphs:  © Charles Laurie